St Barth

A world of luxury in a tropical paradise awaits for you just 10 minutes from St Maarten.

Saint-Barthélemy, the true jewel of the Caribbean is the promise of a relaxing vacation in a simple but sophisticated atmosphere with the astonishing beauty of the West Indies.

Enjoy the chic French elegance in an island that keeps its original charm. We guarantee that you will fall in love for life.


Situated 25 km SE of St Maarten, St Barth is a French Collectivité d’Outre Mer (COM).

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 the island was named after his brother Bartolomeo.

It was settled around 1648 by French colonists living on the nearby island of St. Kitts and was later sold to the Knights of Malta in 1651.

Five years later, St. Barth was raided by the fierce Carib Indians, then abandoned until 1673 when it was again settled by Frenchmen from Normandy and Brittany. During this time a famous buccaneer, Monbares the Exterminator, reputedly maintained headquarters in St Barth and his treasure is believed to be hidden among the coves of Anse du Gouverneur, or buried in the sands of Saline.

In 1758 the island was sold to Sweden in exchange for trading rights in the Swedish port of Gothenburg when the capital was named after its king Gustav III.

Finally, in 1878 France repurchased the island and kept the status of a free port until today.


There are fourteen beaches on St. Barth, all surrounded by turquoise waters and white sand.

All of them are public, giving you a chance to embrace the beauty of this tropical paradise.

Enjoy a sea side lunch at one of the restaurants in St Jean or Flamands where large stretches of white sand invite you for a blissful stroll.

If you prefer privacy on a more secluded beach, Gouverneur, Colombier, Saline, Marigot and L’Orient are the places to be.

Arriving by Air

Getting to St. Barth via St. Maarten is the most common way. Fly to St. Maarten (Princess Juliana International Airport) and then take a short 10 minute shuttle flight to St. Barth.

St Maarten Airport (SXM) has daily flights to/from Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Paris, San Juan, Toronto, Washington (Dulles), (many more check your local airport for service to SXM)

St. Barth is serviced as follows:

To/from St. Maarten by: Win-Air and St. Barth Commuter To/from San Juan, Puerto Rico by: Tradewind Aviation

Arriving by Sea

High speed ferries from St. Maarten to St. Barth is an alternative way to travel to St. Barth especially for those that don’t take thrilling flights too kindly.

St. Barth is serviced as follows:

To/from St. Maarten by: Voyager and Great Bay Express



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