Our Concierge

With the assistance of our In House Concierge, a wide variety of services can be arranged to make your stay at Rêve de St. Barth an unforgettable experience.

Simply contact the front desk and we will gladly accommodate your requests.


Whether you are in the mood for a casual waterfront lunch or a romantic evening, St. Barth offers a perfect mix of restaurants that can be booked through our Concierge. The gastronomic delights of French, Creole and International cuisine created by expert Chefs will make you want to come back to St. Barth again and again.


When planning your perfect day, just invite a private Chef into your French Caribbean home to create a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense. 


If fine cuisine is your passion, take a class with some of the best French Creole Chefs in the Caribbean.

Learn a few new tricks, techniques and recipes that will be just what you need to make your cooking an incredible journey. 


While it's always great to step out for dining, there are those times when staying in your charming villa just fits the mood.

If you want to unwind after one of those exiting but exhausting days under the tropical sun, just call our Concierge for a list of fine cuisine delivery. 


During your stay in this tropical paradise, enjoy world class wine tasting at one of St. Barth’s famous wineries.

Multiple tasting options are available in a wide array of French and International wines. We recommend reserving your tasting in advance by calling our Concierge. 


If you are ready for a night out, St. Barth has a great selection of clubs, bars and lounges where you can gather with friends for a refreshing cocktail and dance to the latest beat selection from internationally acclaimed DJ’s.


Above all else, St. Barth is known for its gastronomy that exceeds the expectations of the most demanding connoisseur.

Food and drinks are integral parts of life on St. Barth so a wide range of products from the markets can be delivered to your villa on a daily basis if desired.

There are several companies in the island that will provision your villa according to your taste.


Book a single or group water exercise class, good for all levels. Sessions include water aerobics to strengthen the muscles and work the core (torso) for stability. Contact our Concierge for reservations. 


Cycling under water is a revolution in Europe and has already proven its numerous benefits on both health and beauty. The bikes are placed inside the pool and you pedal against the water resistance, with water up to your waist. 

This impact free on joints exercise helps enhance blood flow, improve cardiovascular endurance, promote flexibility and helps you achieve a better sleep. 


Stay on top of your fitness regimen with the help of an accredited personal trainer.

Train in our gym or enjoy a session in one of St. Barth’s pristine beaches to get unsurpassed results for your body and your spirit.

Contact our Concierge for reservations.


Yoga sessions help you increase flexibility, still the mind, reconnect, reduce stress and be fit.

This practice allows for higher levels of awareness and promotes harmony and peace by releasing mental, emotional and muscular tension.

Reservations available through our Concierge. 


After a perfect day in the sun, revive your spirit and relax your soul in the hands of an expert massage therapist.

You can go to the spa or simply enjoy a soothing massage in the privacy and comfort of your own villa.

Our Concierge will be happy to help you with the reservation.


Just minutes away from your villa, the St. Barth Tennis Club offers championship tennis hard courts. Play with friends or book a private lesson with one of the professional coaches that the club has to offer. There is also an archery club next to the tennis courts, where lessons can be arranged.  


In St. Barth, you can enjoy water activities all year round.

The beautiful stretches of water are perfect for:

  • Windsurfing
  • Kite boarding
  • Water skiing
  • Surfing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkel, Scuba diving & more

These activities are available on the beaches of Saint-Jean. L’Orient and Grand Cul-de-Sac.


Call our Concierge to help you find the perfect yacht or boat for your ultimate cruising experience.

Whether you chose a crewed yacht, a catamaran or a small RIB to explore the island for a few hours, you can feel the warm Caribbean winds and enjoy magnificent anchorages.

St. Barth is a feast for the senses, surrounded by pristine beaches and turquoise seas that will take you into a world of unsurpassed beauty.


Deep sea and game fishermen will enjoy the plentiful populations of fish found in the Caribbean sea.

There are many varieties of deep and shallow water fish, both offshore and just a quarter of a mile from the island shores where the sea floor begins to drop down.

Contact our Concierge to book your fishing experience.


We love children!! But if you want to enjoy a well deserved kids-free evening from time to time, certified baby sitters and baby equipment rentals are available upon request.


For your convenience, laundry and dry cleaning services are available.

Just inform our staff and we will take care of the rest.

The next evening your laundry or dry cleaning items will be delivered right to your villa.


Exploring the different beaches and restaurants are part of the St. Barth experience, so wherever you stay on the island you will need a car to get around.

Several car and scooter rental agencies are available on the island. Contact our Concierge for more information.


Several taxi services in St Barth can help with airport and ferry dock pick-up, drop-off, and evening rides back to your villa.

Keep in mind that during high-season, parking in Gustavia can be difficult.

Arranging a driver can sometimes make things easier so contact our Concierge for information.